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U.S. Sen. Cory Booker. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Booker won’t use NDAs to stop staffers from discussing toxic workplace environments

By David Wildstein, January 06 2020 1:28 pm

Cory Booker has entered into the national discussion on non-disclosure agreements for toxic workplace environments, with his campaign saying that they won’t block an employees from discussing allegations of sexual assault or harassment.

“Cory Booker believes that NDAs should not be used to silence survivors of sexual assault, or anyone who has been subjected to sexual harassment or gender discrimination,” said Sabrina Singh, his national press secretary.  “His campaign and Senate office policies are consistent with these principles and he is a cosponsor of the BE HEARD Act in the Senate, which would ban NDAs that prevent someone from reporting harassment or discrimination.”

Booker campaign aides sign NDAs that prevent them from disclosing proprietary information, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

To be clear, there have been no allegations of any toxic workplace complains on the Booker campaign.

Joe Biden’s campaign told Lift Our Voices, an advocacy group formed by former Fox News political commentators Julie Roginsky and Gretchen Carlson to call out NDA restrictions, that the former vice president opposes limitations on campaign staffers.

“Sexual harassment and other types of discrimination at work are simply unacceptable,” the Biden campaign said in a statement.  “No one should be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from speaking out about harassment or discrimination, and Joe Biden opposes non-disclosure agreements that have been used to silence survivors.”

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One thought on “Booker won’t use NDAs to stop staffers from discussing toxic workplace environments

  1. The challenge is to expose the decades of physical abuse of interns and aids in all branches of government on all levels.
    Municipal, Regional & Federal.
    The other enablers have been on the prestigious boards of Non and not-for-profits.
    The workplace incidents “settled” by coersion.
    Under fear, duress, and threats by the protected & powerful players who grace the stages of foundations.

    Foundation workplaces cannot protect the volunteers or “patially” paid intetns because they are exempt from …abuse.
    Reply if you have the courage.
    757 645-6868

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