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Julie Roginsky

Roginsky wants Fox News to release women from NDAs from sexual harassment complaints

New Jersey Democratic strategist emerges as a national leader on NDA issue

By David Wildstein, October 30 2019 1:06 pm

A group of six former Fox News hosts, including New Jersey Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, have demanded to be released from non-disclosure agreements they signed as part of sexual harassment complaints filed against the network.

“We want to speak for ourselves,” Roginsky said on a CBS This Morning appearance.  “We had a voice for a very long time.”

Roginsky has emerged as a national leader in the fight to release women from NDA agreements in sexual harassment and assault cases.

NBC News released former employees from the NDAs last week.  CBS said they have allowed employees a limited release to speak with investigators.

Roginsky and another former Fox personality, Gretchen Carlson, said they are not permitted to speak about lawsuits they filed against Fox alleging they were harassed by then-network boss Roger Ailes.

“The way we continue to subjugate women and keep them down is through NDA’s and silencing them,” Carlson said.  “It’s really a harassers best friend.”

The two women are also barred from their NDA from discussing an upcoming movie about Ailes.

“This is not an issue that’s only emblematic of one industry or one political persuasion, its emblematic of an entire culture and a society that tells women that they need to keep quiet,” said Roginsky. “That has to end.”

On Facebook, Roginsky write that she was “proud to stand with Gretchen Carlson and other leaders of the #MeToo movement to call for the end to non-disclosure agreements.”

She said she was proud to be featured in a Vanity Fair article detailing “exactly how toxic NDAs are.”

“Organizations that have nothing to hide should not insist on muzzling women. We are starting a national movement and welcome all women and their allies to join us,” Roginsky said. “Especially if you consider yourself a progressive and a feminist, there is no middle ground here.

Laura Jones, a New Jersey TV personality, said on Facebook that Roginsky has “always been a fierce advocate and held strong to your beliefs.”

“This defines grace and courage,” Jones wrote.

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