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Mike Reed, the chief executive officer of Gannett. (Photo: Gannett.)

Photos of federal judge’s home being sold by Gannett

Newspaper chain markets coffee mugs with image of judge’s residence

By David Wildstein, November 25 2020 4:35 pm

Gannett is selling reprints of photos of a federal judge’s home, possibly violating a newly-enacted state law as they market images of the house where the judge’s 20-year-old son was brutally slain last July.

The website for Gannett and the USA Today Network is offering to print the photos of the murder scene in various sizes, or for $16.95 on a 15 oz. ceramic mug.  They are also offering additional products, including luggage tags, photo magnets and mouse pads, imprinted with photos of the judge’s residence.

A caption for the photo, taken four months ago and still live on their website today, includes the judge’s home address in the caption.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed the new law last week that prohibits publishing information that identifies where judges and law enforcement officials reside.

Reporters from the chain of ten daily newspapers covered the signing of Daniel’s Law, named for the judge’s son, who was murdered inside his family home by a man with an axe to grind against the judge.  The killer, a lawyer who had a case before the judge, located the address using the Internet.

The story included a link to eight separate photos of the judge’s home, some with her car in the driveway and the license plate clearly visible.

Gannet newspapers use a photo publishing company called MyCapture to monetize their photographs.

A Gannett employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the NJ Globe that reporters have no role in determining which photos are offered for sale.

“That’s a corporate decision.  The editors are told to do this,” the individual said.  “Personally, I think this is disgusting.  It’s in bad taste.”

Dan Sforza, an executive editor at Gannett, did not immediately respond to a direct message at 7:09 PM on Monday.

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