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The North Jersey home of a Gannett executive. (Photo: Google Maps.)

Despite new law, Gannett still posting photos of judge’s home, car

Reporter: ‘What is our obligation to remove them?’

By David Wildstein, November 23 2020 3:20 pm

Gannett and USA Today Network have not removed photos of a federal judge’s home from their website despite reporting a new law that prohibits publishing information that identifies where judges and law enforcement officials reside.

Reporters from the chain of ten daily newspapers covered the signing of Daniel’s Law, named for the 20-year-old son of a federal judge who was gunned down inside his family home by a man with an axe to grind against the judge.

The story included a link to eight separate photos of the judge’s home, some with her car in the driveway and the license plate clearly visible.

“What is our obligation to remove them?” asked Ken Serrano, a Home News Tribune reporter who filed a multimedia report from outside the judge’s home after the shooting.

Three legislators involved in the passage of the bill expressed outrage over Gannett’s actions, but spoke to the New Jersey Globe on the condition of anonymity so that the newspaper chain would not retaliate against that.

“That’s horrible. It’s like a violation of the law that just got passed,” one legislator said.  “We just passed a law protecting judges and you have a news outlet publishing pictures of the house.”

Gannett continues to use those photos.

“I’ll bring it to the attention of our editors.  It’s their job,” Serrano said. “I’m a really busy man.”

Dan Sforza, an executive editor at Gannett, did not immediately respond to an 11:01 AM direct message seeking comment.

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