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Bergen County Republican Chairman Jack Zisa

Zisa seeks vote choice on VBM opt-in

Bergen GOP chairman: VBM law change was a calculated move by the Democrats to abuse the mail-in vote system to help their candidates

By David Wildstein, August 21 2019 4:28 pm

Bergen County Republican Chairman Jack Zisa says he’d like to hear Gov. Phil Murphy explain New Jersey’s vote-by-mail system.

“Before we go through another General Election without a clear understanding of the vote by mail rules, I believe it is urgent for Gov. Murphy’s administration to clearly explain how the VBM will work this year and what election workers, and campaign officials and voters should know, “said Zisa. “It’s the governor’s legislation and it’s been confusing since it was signed.

Zisa also thinks voters should be required to opt-in to forever VBM status rather than be told they need to pro-actively opt-out.

“Why place the burden on the voter to go through a complicated process of changing how he or she wants to vote?” Zisa asked.  “And why are voters who chose to vote by mail in 2016 for reasons specific to that year being locked out of polling booth?”

According to Zisa, a former Hackensack mayor who became county chairman in 2018, 13,571 VBM ballots were cast in Bergen County in 2017 and 35,1010 in 2018.

Zisa says the Democratic freeholder candidates won the mail-in ballots by about 7,500 to 5,000 in 201, but the margin skyrocketed in 2018.  Democrats carried the VBMs 27,000 to 11,500.

“Obviously the VBM law change was a calculated move by the Democrats to abuse the mail-in vote system to help their candidates,” said Zisa. “Clearly the Democratic Party which authored and passed the legislation was prepared well in advance on how to take advantage of the new law they created. I am certain that if the VBM numbers were reversed, the Democratic Party would be calling for an investigation into voter fraud.”

Zisa says about 5,000 VBM ballots were returned to the Bergen County Board of Elections as undeliverable in the June primary.

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