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Kate Cericola, right, and Michael Ritchie, the GOP candidates for Waldwick Borough Council. (Photo: Cericola/Ritchie campaign.)

Where local races stand in Bergen County

By Joey Fox, November 09 2021 1:41 pm


Republican Councilwoman Liz Homan and fellow Republican Susanne Lovisolo won two seats on the Allendale Borough Council unopposed.


Councilmembers Vicki Frankel, Steven Cohen, and Scott Bosworth, all Democrats, won re-election unopposed to the Alpine Borough Council, Bosworth for the remainder of an unexpired term.


Democratic Councilmen Thomas Lodato and Hernando Rivera were re-elected to the Bergenfield Borough Council against Republicans Jacqueline Romney and Frederick Sahlberg, 32-31-19-18%.


Incumbent Democrats Consuelo Carpenter (26.8%) and Robert Robbins (26.0%) narrowly won re-election to the Bogota Borough Council over Republicans Robert Foster (23.7%) and Jason Kearns (23.5%).


Republican Councilmembers William Roseman and Diane DeBiase won re-election to the Carlstadt Borough Council against Democrats Dennis Ritchie and Luis Venegas, 31-30-22-17%.

Cliffside Park

Councilmembers Selvie Nikaj and John Chmielewski, both Democrats, were re-elected to the Cliffside Park Borough Council without opposition.


Democratic Councilwoman Jannie Chung and Republican Councilwoman Alissa Latner appear to have won re-election side-by-side to the Closter Borough Council, even as their parties fell short for the other’s seat. Chung and Latner each got 26.2% of the vote; Republican Christopher Cho got 24.6%, and Democrat Lena Kayzman was in last with 22.9%.


Democratic Councilwoman Kathleen Savas and Republican Kathy Schultz-Rummel won two seats on the Cresskill Borough Council unopposed.


In a tight race for Demarest Borough Council, Democratic incumbent Daryl Fox (26.7%) and Republican Andrea Slowikowski (26.7%) appear to have won two seats, while Democratic Councilwoman Janice Kurys (25.3%) was in third and Republican Barbara Johnson (21.3%) fell well behind.


Republicans Mary Novoa and John Russell appear to have unseated Democratic incumbents Jimmy Chae and Damon Englese on the Dumont Borough Council; each Republican received around 25.5% of the vote to the Democrats’ 24.5%.

East Rutherford

Democratic Councilmen Daniel Alvarez and Michael Lorusso won re-election to the East Rutherford Borough Council by a relatively tight margin over Republicans Anthony Dolinsky and Elsa Valentine, 27-26-24-23%.


Councilmembers Dolores Lawlor and Anthony Bartolomeo won re-election to the Edgewater Borough Council with 32% and 30% of the vote, respectively; Republican Michelle Han got 24%, and independent Tina Macica got 14%.

Elmwood Park

Four candidates are locked in an incredibly tight battle for Elmwood Park Borough Council, with Republican Theresa Sheridan in first place at 25.4% of the vote and Democrat Tanisha Dennis garnering 25.0% to retain the seat of retiring Democratic Councilwoman Doris Wechtler.

In third – and thus currently locked out of office – is Republican Carl Roberts at 24.8% of the vote, while Democratic Councilman Chakib Fakhoury is in last at 24.7%. The difference between Sheridan and Fakhoury, or in other words between first and last place, is only 63 votes.


Republican Councilman Brian Gordon and fellow Republican Kelly Moore won two seats on the Emerson Borough Council, each winning around 31% of the vote to the 19% received by Democrats Kate Stutzel and Michael DeOrio. Republican Councilman Don Pierro separately won an election for an unexpired term on the council 60-40% over Democrat Brian Downing.


Democratic Mayor Michael Wildes won re-election unopposed, while Democratic Councilman Charles Cobb defeated independent Ricardo Whilby 88-11% to retain his seat on the Englewood City Council.

Englewood Cliffs

Democratic Councilmen David Di Gregorio and Glen Luciano were re-elected to the Englewood Cliffs Borough Council over Republicans Panagiota Rousouli and Rivka Biegacz 29-27-23-21%.

Fair Lawn

Councilmembers Gail Rottenstrich and Josh Reinitz, both Democrats, defeated Republicans Cindy Montano and Glen Callons for re-election to the Fair Lawn Borough Council; each Democrat received around 27% of the vote to Republicans’ 23%.


Democratic Councilmen Stephen Russo and Jhon Gomez won re-election to the Fairview Borough Council unopposed.

Fort Lee

Councilmen Joseph Cervieri and Harvey Sohmer, both Democrats, beat Republicans Giovanna Surace and Eric Fisher for re-election to the Fort Lee Borough Council, 32-32-18-18%.

Franklin Lakes

Republican Councilmen Charles Kahwaty and Thomas Lambrix won re-election to the Franklin Lakes Borough Council unopposed, while fellow Republican Dennis Bonagura defeated Democrat Fernando Saenz 74-26% for an unexpired term.


Councilwoman Alejandina Banch won re-election to an unexpired term on the Garfield Council unopposed in a nonpartisan contest.

Glen Rock

Democratic Councilwoman Mary Barchetto and fellow Democrat Jill Orlich won two seats on the Glen Rock Borough Council over Republicans William Leonard and Maria Dolan, 28-27-23-22%.

Harrington Park

Councilman Jorden “Nick” Pedersen and newcomer Bill Blackinton won two nonpartisan seats on the Harrington Park Borough Council with 39% and 41% of the vote, respectively, defeating Brett Finer’s 20%.

Hasbrouck Heights

Republicans Robert Bing (28%) and Thomas Meli (27%) have defeated Democratic Councilman Steven Reyngoudt (23%) and fellow Democrat Adam Mucci (22%) for two seats on the Hasbrouck Heights Borough Council.


Incumbent Councilmembers Glenn Poosikian and Heather Wasser, both Democrats, were re-elected to the Haworth Borough Council unopposed.


Republican Councilmembers Abby Lundy and John Escobar both won re-election to the Hillsdale Borough Council unopposed.

Ho Ho Kus

Councilmen Dane Policastro and Douglas Troast, both Republicans, won re-election to the Ho Ho Kus Borough Council unopposed.


Democratic Councilmembers Joanne Choi Terrell and Louis Grandelis were re-elected unopposed to the Leonia Borough Council.

Little Ferry

Democratic Councilmen Ronald Anzalone and George Muller won re-election to the Little Ferry Borough Council unopposed.


Two Democratic incumbents, Katherine Bennin and Douglas Herrick, trail Republican challengers Samuel Conoscenti and Danyel Cicarelli by extremely narrow margins for two seats on the Maywood Borough Council. Conoscenti has 25.4% of the vote, followed by Cicarelli with 25.2%; Benin is seven votes behind with 25.1%, and Herrick is in last at 24.3%.

Midland Park

Republican Councilman Kenneth Kruis and fellow Republican Keith Deblasio won two seats on the Midland Park Borough Council unopposed.


Councilmembers Dieter Koelling and Annmarie Russo-Vogelsang, both Republicans, defeated lone Democratic challenger Steven Frischer 37-36-27% for re-election to the Montvale Borough Council.


Democratic Councilmembers Karen Surak and John Wende won re-election to the Moonachie Borough Council unopposed.

New Milford

Councilwomen Hedy Grant and Thea Sirocchi-Hurley, both Democrats, won re-election to the New Mildford Borough Council with 35% of the vote each to sole Republican challenger Jeffrey Delvecchio’s 30%.

North Arlington

Republican Councilmembers Brian Fitzhenry and Allison Sheedy were re-elected to the North Arlington Borough Council unopposed.


Republican incumbent Joseph McGuire and fellow Republican Kara McMorrow won two seats on the Northvale Borough Council over Democrats Drew Porschen and Dennis Pothos, 31-28-21-21%.


Councilmembers Thomas Brizzolara, a Democrat, and Joseph Ascolese, a Republican, both won re-election to the Norwood Borough Council without opposition from the other’s party.


Republican Councilman Eric Kulmala and fellow Republican Steven Saliani won two seats on the Oakland Borough Council, defeating Democrat Charles Schwartz and unseating Democratic Councilman John Biale 29-28-22-21%. Republican Councilman Kevin Slasinski simultaneously won an unexpired term 56-44% over Democrat Thomas Connolly.

Old Tappan

Republican Councilmen Jin Yhu and Guy Carnazza were re-elected to the Old Tappan Borough Council unopposed.


Councilmembers Roger Tashjian and Tracy Schoenberg won with 29% and 28% in their bids for re-election to the Oradell Borough Council; independent Thomas Kelly received 23% of the vote, and Republican Ashley Gardner came in last with 20%.

Palisades Park

Democratic Councilman Chong Paul Kim (27.4%) retained his seat on the Palisades Park Borough Council, but fellow Democratic incumbent Jongchul Lee (25.5%) appears to have lost to Republican challenger Stephanie Jang (26.4%) for a second seat; Republican Matteo Osso brought up the rear with 20.6%.


Republicans Robert Kaiser and Ace Adrian Antonio have flipped two seats on the Paramus Borough Council, unseating Democratic Councilwoman Holly Tedesco-Santos and beating fellow Democrat Josephine Giugliano 29-29-22-21%.

Park Ridge

Democratic Councilmen Matthew Capilli and John Ferguson won re-election to the Park Ridge Borough Council unopposed.


Republican Councilman Peter Kilman and fellow Republican Sara Fisherpoppe each won with 30% of the vote for two seats on the Ramsey Borough Council, defeating independents Nancy Lee Boone and Amit Chopra, who each received around 20% of the vote.


Democratic Councilman Ray Penabad and fellow Democrat Craig Dorsett were re-elected to the Ridgefield Borough Council unopposed.


Paul Vagianos prevailed over Melanie Hooban 61-39% in a nonpartisan contest for the remainder of an unexpired term on the Ridgewood Village Council.

River Edge

Democratic Councilwoman Michelle Kaufman and fellow Democrat Klodiana Malellari defeated Republicans Robert Berninger and Mercurio Gioffre 28-27-23-22% for two seats on the River Edge Borough Council.

Rochelle Park

Republican Committeewoman Susan Iacobucci and fellow Republican Vincent Bessetti won two seats on the Rochelle Park Township Committee against Democrats Sean Smyth and Christopher Sheridan; each Republican received around 28% of the vote to Democrats’ 22%.


In the tiny borough of Rockleigh, Republican Councilmembers Marilyn Bresnak and John Mender defeated independent challengers Peter Walsh and Lisa Hartzband, 29-28-23-21%. Councilwoman Rosanne Antine, also a Republican, simultaneously beat independent Fredrick Puccio 60-40% for an unexpired term.


Democratic Councilmembers Raymond Guzman and Maria Begg-Roberson won re-election to the Rutherford Borough Council with 28% of the vote each, defeating Republicans Jasmine Grey and Peter Tuccino, who each received around 22%.

Saddle River

Councilmen Rosario Ruffino and Christopher DiGirolamo, both Republicans, handily won re-election to the Saddle River Borough Council over lone Democrat Mary Kalarickal 43-42-15%.

South Hackensack

Democratic Committeemen Gary Brugger and Frank Cagas were re-elected to the South Hackensack Township Committee unopposed.


Councilmembers Julie O’Connor and Venugopal Menon, both Democrats, won re-election to the Tenafly Borough Council without opposition.

Upper Saddle River

Four Republicans – Councilwoman Joanne Florio, Councilman Arman Fardanesh, Councilwoman Sarah Drennan, and Roger Masi – all won seats on the Upper Saddle River Borough Council unopposed, the latter two for unexpired terms.


Republicans Kathleen Cericola and Michael Ritchie defeated Democrats Amy Weiner and Anthony Paradiso 29-28-22-21% for Waldwick Borough Council, retaining one seat for their party and flipping the other from Democratic Councilwoman Nicole McNamara, who ran for the state legislature.


Councilmen Khaldoun Androwis and Eugeniusz Rachelski, both Republicans, handily defeated Democrat Helena Plaskon 39-39-21% for two seats on the Wallington Borough Council.


Republican Mayor Peter Calamari appears to have won re-election 50.5-49.3% against Councilman Michael DeSena, who ran as an independent. Calamari’s slate for the township council, Daisy Velez (25.7%) and Councilman Tom Sears (25.3%), has a similarly narrow lead over independents Kevin Zitko (24.5%) and Michael Werfel (24.3%).


Republican Councilwoman Cheryl Hodges has won re-election with 27.5% of the vote, while fellow Republican Anthony Greco narrowly leads Democratic Councilwoman Jodi Murphy 25.4-25.2% for the second seat. Democrat Bermari Roig is in last with 21.9% of the vote.

Woodcliff Lake

Democratic Councilwoman Jacqueline Gadaleta and fellow Democrat Jennifer Margolis won two seats on the Woodcliff Lake Borough Council with 27% of the vote each, defeating Republicans Michael Casale and Dianna Cereijo, who each got around 23%.


Councilmen Ezio Altamura and Edward Marino, both Democrats, defeated Republicans Thomas Carney and Bruce Ferda 33-30-19-18% for re-election to the Wood-Ridge Borough Council.


Republican Committeemen Timothy Shanley and Thomas Madigan were re-elected to the Wyckoff Township Committee against write-in candidate Bob Yudin, who received 12% of the vote.

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