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Trenton Republican Municipal Chair Jennifer Williams

Trenton GOP re-elects Williams

By David Wildstein, September 11 2020 9:08 am

Trenton Republican Jennifer William, who has been seeking to rebuild the GOP in New Jersey’s capital city, was re-elected to another four-year term this week.

She ran for State Assembly in the heavily-Democratic 15th district in 2019.

“Trentonians can take charge and begin to change our city’s destiny. We must challenge our current elected officials to directly confront the issues facing our capital city, to make wiser decisions and to listen to ideas from across our city’s diverse citizenry to help curb the ever-repeating cycles of violence and multi-generational poverty afflicting so many here,” Williams said.  “We are all in this fight together.”

Former Assembly candidate Justin Tibbetts is the vice chair of the Trenton GOP.

The last Republican statewide candidate to carry Trenton was Tom Kean in 1985.

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