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Special school, fire district election results

By David Wildstein, January 25 2023 1:18 am

Four times a year, New Jersey holds special school elections for voters to approve school construction referendums.  The Educational Facilities and Construction Financing Act of 2000 allows the state to pick up about 40% of the costs if voters approve the measure.

Four municipalities held special school elections on Tuesday:

Manasquan passed a $13.8 million bond referendum for renovations and improvements at their elementary and high schools, 645 to 513 (56%-44%), with voter turnout at 22%.   The state will pick up $5.3 million of the costs.

South River rejected two bond proposals that would spend $33 million to pay for a pre-Kindergarten facility, and a replacement of an athletic facility, Denny Stadium.  The first question failed, by a massive 72%, 345 to 882.  That rendered a second question, to pay for turf at the new stadium had it been approved, moot.  That public question went down, 376 to 843, 31%-69%.  Turnout was 13%.

Union  Township (Hunterdon County) easily approved authorization to spend $2.75 million for HVAC and electrical upgrades and fire doors; the state would pay $1.1 million of that expense.  The measure passed, 279  to 111, 71.5% to 28.5%.

Riverside approved two bond referendum by wide margins, authorizing $15.9 millon for school renovations — the state would pick up $11.1 million, by a vote of 323 to 199, 62%-38%, and a $975,000 propoal to replace windows at the high school by a vote of 311 to 209 (60%-40%).

In a special fire district election, Millstone (Monmouth) voters approved the repacement of a 33-year-old primary water tanker truck by a vote of 233 to 47, 83%-17%.  In-person votes between 2 PM and 9 PM on Tuesday resulted in 81 yes votes and 1 no vote; vote-by-mail ballots resulted in 152 yes votes and 46 no votes.  According to the fire department, supply chain issues could delay delivery of the new truck until 2026, even if it was passed on Tuesday.

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