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Somerset County Freeholder Patricia Walsh.

Pre-K referendum failed because of Murphy taxes, Walsh says

By Nikita Biryukov, March 14 2019 6:42 pm

Somerset County Freeholder Pat Walsh said a referendum to fully fund full-day kindergarten programs in Hillsborough and Milltown failed because of tax hikes statewide.

“Make no mistake, this referendum wasn’t defeated because Hillsborough and Millstone voters are somehow anti-education or anti-children.  That’s nonsense,” Walsh said.  “To the contrary, this vote was an overwhelming rebuke of Governor Murphy and his tax and spend policies that treat Somerset County taxpayers like an ATM to fund his out-of-touch priorities, like millions of dollars for tuition aid and legal services to illegal immigrants, while cutting funding to school children in places like Hillsborough.”

The referendum called for $8 million to fund the kindergarten program and fill budget holes Walsh said were caused by declining state aid.

Last year, Democrats Sara Sooy and Shanel Robinson ousted Republican incumbents, winning seats on the five-member board for their party for the first time in almost four decades.

Walsh is the only Somerset freeholder up for reelection this year.

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