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Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack, right, with Gov. Phil Murphy

Murphy announces Pre-K expansion

By David Wildstein, September 03 2019 1:11 pm

Gov. Phil Murphy today announced what his administration called the largest expansion of Pre-K funding in decades, saying that 28 additional school districts will receive funding this year.

Murphy promised more funds for Pre-K programs during his 2017 gubernatorial campaign.

“New Jersey has long been considered a leader in early childhood education, and I am proud that we are now bringing about the greatest growth in preschool that this state has seen so far this century,” said Murphy, who made today’s announcement in Union City, a community that has a deep history of providing quality preschool programs to 3 and 4-year-old children“Educating our children at this critical age will give them a strong start in academics and a desire to learn.”

Murphy made the announcement in Union City, where he praised Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack.

“Union City is a model to other communities, not just statewide but nationwide,” Murphy said.

“Research shows that high quality early childhood programs have a lifelong impact on a child’s academic and economic achievements,”said Senate Education Committee Chair Teresa Ruiz. “I am energized and excited about the continued expansion of our state’s pre-K program, as striving for universal preschool has been a cornerstone of my legislative career. This is especially personal for me, since my daughter is starting preschool today. For every dollar we invest in early childhood education we are making an investment in the future of our children and our state.”

Stack said that children enrolled in Pre-K are better prepared for elementary school.

“The earlier we can help our children succeed in school, the better off they will be when they are older. Education opens so many doors to success,” Stack said.  “Expanding pre-k will set our children on the track to success.”

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