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Former Green Brook Mayor Melonie Marano

Marano attacks Walsh over RVCC board member she nominated

Felecia Nace sits on board of group that organized Boston straight pride parade

By Nikita Biryukov, September 16 2019 7:06 pm

Freeholder candidate Melonie Marano launched an attack on Republican incumbent Pat Walsh over her nomination of Felecia Nace to the Raritan Valley Community College board.

“At a time when our county is becoming more diverse, and our young college students are becoming more understanding about LGBTQ+ issues, we cannot have board members who actively try to exclude gay studies from education,” Marano said. “Dr. Nace is free to hold whatever views and lead whatever organizations she wants, but we don’t have to give her a leadership platform to support them. She should resign from RVCC immediately.”

Nace, whose nomination the Board of Freeholders unanimously approved in 2017, also sits on the board of Super Happy Fun America, a conservative group that organized a controversial straight pride parade in Boston in August.

Nace spoke at the parade.

In a statement, provided through Walsh’s campaign, Somerset County Republican Chairman Al Gaburo said Nace was nominated because of her history in education but did not address Marano’s attack over her affiliation with Super Happy Fun America.

“Dr. Felecia Nace was nominated to the board of RVCC because of her credentials as an educator. Dr. Nace is a former educator on the grade school and collegiate levels, and she’s spent more than 10 years as an education specialist at the New Jersey Department of Education,” Gaburo said. “I encourage anyone to check out her resume and challenge her credentials.”

Nace is the owner of Partners 4 Education Change, an education consulting firm, was an adjunct professor at Mercer County College and served as an education specialist at the state Department of Education for 13 years, among other things.

“The residents of Somerset County deserve a Freeholder Board that doesn’t make mistakes like appointing an anti-LGBTQ+ activist to oversee the education of our college students,” Marano said. “Fortunately, we are one vote away from real leadership that will be open, honest and supportive of the entire Somerset County community.”

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One thought on “Marano attacks Walsh over RVCC board member she nominated

  1. I don’t understand the connection Ms Marano is making. Just because one prefers or supports one thing doesn’t mean they are “anti” everything else. It just means they chose one. I am alergic to the acid in tomatoes so I have my pasta with alfredo sauce, that doesn’t mean I am anti merinaro! I thought that was the definition of diversity- different people chose different favorites- that is not the same as “anti” something. Unless Dr. Nace said in her speech that she is against certain groups not having the same rights and benefits then to determine and label her as “Anti” anything is so twisting the truth as to be “Anti” and bigoted in itself.

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