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The Garfield 2020 slate, left to right: Romi Herrera, Pawel Maslag, Mayor Richard Rigoglioso, Councilwoman Erin Delaney and Deputy Mayor Joseph Delaney III.

Slate backed by Garfield mayor on pace to oust two 24-year incumbents

Pawel Maslag leads Councilman Frank J. Calandriello by 238 votes

By Nikita Biryukov, November 13 2020 11:46 am

A slate of council candidates in Garfield headed by Mayor Richard Rigoglioso is on the cusp up toppling a 49-year dynasty and unseating two 24-year incumbent.

Councilmen Louis Aloia and Frank J. Calandriello, two 24-year incumbents, are in sixth and seventh place in a race for five council seats there. Aloia trails challenger Pawel Maslag by 238 votes, 4,059-3,821. Clandriello, whose family’s continuous tenure on the council stretches to just shy of 50 years, has 3,602 votes.

Election officials expect to count roughly 1,200 provisional ballots cast in Garfield tomorrow morning.

Those ballots could be enough to swing the result of the non-partisan races here, but it’s not clear whether they will favor the trailing incumbents.

Maslag ran on a slate with Rigoglioso, two other incumbents and a Romi Herrera, who is making his third bid for a council seat.

Rigoglioso is in first with 4,773 votes. The size of the margin means he can expect to win re-election. Deputy Mayor Joseph Delaney III is in second place with 4,378 votes, while Councilwoman Erin Delaney is in third with 4,113 votes.

Herrera is running slightly ahead of Maslag with 4,082 votes. That means he’s only 261 votes up over Aloia.

If the current tallies stand, Rigoglioso’s “Garfield 2020 Vision for the Future” slate will take all five of the City’s council seats.

The two trailing incumbents ran alongside Jesus Rodriguez (3,268) and Evelyn Scott (3,367) on the “WeAreGarfield.com” slate.

They faced two independently-minded challengers.

Gaetana Raymond ran on the slogan “The People’s Voice” and received 1,640 votes.

“Stop Failed Leadership” candidate Richard Derrig fared worse, earning only 1,011 votes.

Municipal races in Garfield are non-partisan.

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