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Lisa McCormick, left, and Jim Devine. (Photo: Facebook).

Scutari blasts Devine for anti-Semitic e-mail

Political consultant helping life partner Lisa McCormick bid for Union County Surrogate

By Nikita Biryukov, May 29 2019 5:10 pm

Political consultant Jim Devine is facing fire over an e-mail headed with an ethnic slur.

Devine sent an email with the subject “Do Column A pay kikes make Daniel angry?” to former Union County Freeholder Daniel Sullivan in an attempt to blast county-backed incumbents for voting to increase the salaries of the state’s judges and some other officials last year.

State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), the Union County’s Democratic chairman, doesn’t think Devine made a typographical error.

“I am not surprised that Column C – Democrats United for Progress campaign manager and consultant Jim Devine would send out nasty emails filled with misrepresentations to confuse voters.  He is the king of sleaze and so abusive in his political conduct that normally, nothing he says or writes shocks the mind. Until today,” Scutari said.

“Clearly, the email sent out by Column C Campaign Manager James Devine was not an error. It was not a misstatement. It was an anti-Semitic dog whistle. Hate crimes are on the rise in America and unfortunately the climate fostered by Donald Trump emboldens bigots like Devine flaunt vile words in an effort to be provocative.”

Linden Mayor Derek Armstead, a political opponent of Scutari’s, said Devine was not affiliated with the campaign past his life partner’s running on the slate.

Lisa McCormick, who mounted an unsuccessful primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez last year, is seeking to oust four-term Union County Surrogate James LaCorte.

“Jim Devine has nothing to do with this campaign except for his wife is running as the surrogate, and I’m sure it must be a typo,” Armstead said “If anything like this happened, it must be a typo because anybody that associates with me, we don’t play games with race or religion or gender or anything like that. We don’t play games. We’re too open and accepting on this side of the fence. That’s not our thing to talk about people’s nationalities, their gender, their religion. We don’t go down that route over here. That’s just not who we are.”

Devine’s email specifically targeted Assemblyman James Kennedy (D-Rahway) for voting in favor of the pay hikes.

Kennedy and his running mate, Assemblywoman Linda Carter (D-Plainfield),  are facing a primary challenges from Carlos Rivas and Mark Light, who are running on the Armstead-backed Democrats for United Progress slate.

“Linden Mayor Derek Armstead is the man who is literally writing the checks to fund this hate speech.  He has a responsibility as an elected official to disavow this divisive rhetoric,” Scutari said. “I call on Mayor Armstead to fire his campaign manager and publicly rebuke Devine and Lisa McCormick and any Column C candidate that subscribes to Devine’s detestable beliefs.”

Armstead reiterated that Devine was not the slate’s campaign manager.

Linden’s council is considering a resolution awarding Devine’s consulting firm, CMD Media, a contract to handle public relations for the city. The resolution is currently being held.

He said he and his team did not even want to run a candidate to challenge LaCorte because they believed the latter had served the county well during his tenure as surrogate.

“Jim Devine, we allowed his wife to be on the ticket. He wanted his wife to run as a surrogate. We didn’t even want to run a surrogate because of our relationship with Jim LaCorte because we actually like Jim LaCorte,” Armstead said. “I’ve known him for years, known his family for years, so we didn’t even want to run anybody against Jim LaCorte because he’s always been helpful. He’s always done a good job as far as I’m concerned.”

Armstead provided the New Jersey Globe with a flyer a mailer following the same attack line he said was drafted by Devine.

That mailer contains no racial slurs.

The mayor said he believes someone edited Devine’s email, though there is little evidence to suggest that is the case.

“It sounds to me like someone’s playing political shenanigans, and this is what’s wrong with politics today: People can’t talk about the issues. They want to talk about everything else but the issues. That’s really what you call shenanigans,” Armstead said. “It’s insane, it really is, that people would stoop to such a low and bring ethnicity or race or religion. I’m sure it was altered. Somebody altered it.”

Devine to Sullivan
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2 thoughts on “Scutari blasts Devine for anti-Semitic e-mail

  1. I used to think John Francis Roman is the biggest pussy in LInden, but no-show Nick Scutari is positively undone by a typographical error that hs is convinced himself of an utterly verkakte story. It took real chutzpah for him to suggest what he did (many eydish consider me mishpucha) but the pressure of losing makes desperate men do meshuggeneh things.

    For the record, the mailing was about Column A candidate James Kennedy voting in favor of politician pay hikes that range from $24,000 to $34,000, while the mimumum wage is still just $8.85 an hour. I would also suggest that you take noteof the H J K keys the next time look at a keyboard. I am just glad that the pay hikes that Column A candidates voted for were not BIGGER or that the $15 million annual cost of those politician pay hikes did not leave the state in a DITCH.

    Still, it is nice to get some attention for the COLUMN C Democrats United for Progress before the election on the website published by Bridgegate mastermind David Wildstein. Few Republican dirty tricksters would waste space helping machine Democrat,

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