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Roseland Democrats with congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill

Roseland Democrats win key local endorsements

Community leader also backs DiVincenzo re-election

By David Wildstein, October 28 2018 7:28 pm

The heads of the two largest residential communities in Roseland have endorsed Democrats James Spango for mayor, and Eileen Fishman and Roger Freda for Borough Council.

Roseland was the location of a fierce Democratic primary for control of the local county committee between Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo and former Gov. Richard Codey, who both live in the town.  DiVincenzo won 8 of 12 seats.

But DiVincenzo and Codey have always been united behind the local Democratic candidates, who are the favorites to take control of local government in the November 6 election.  The Republican organization candidates lost the primary, and the nominees also face a slate of Independent candidates made up of former Republicans.

Spango, Fishman and Fred won the backing of the boards of directors of Roseland Glen and Roseland Green.

“We appreciate the endorsements from the Boards of Directors of Roseland Green and Roseland Glen. Roseland is a diverse community with its residents living in homes along public streets and in residential communities. If elected, we will represent all residents, who deserve to have their concerns listened to and addressed as best as possible,” Spango, Fishman and Freda said in a joint statement. “Improving the lines of communication and transparency of government have been hallmarks or our campaign, which we will continue if we are elected to serve the residents of Roseland,” they added.

Dave Veneri, the Roseland Green president, also indicated his strong support for DiVincenzo’s re-election. He said he contacted the county executive about speeding issues, mosquito control and deer management.

“I didn’t just get calls back. I had men show up unannounced at my home looking to address our concerns which they did,” Veneri said.

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