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The Garfield 2020 slate, left to right: Romi Herrera, Pawel Maslag, Mayor Richard Rigoglioso, Councilwoman Erin Delaney and Deputy Mayor Joseph Delaney III.

Rigoglioso slate wins in Garfield, toppling two 24-year incumbents

By Nikita Biryukov, November 16 2020 4:04 pm

A slate of five candidates swept non-partisan municipal elections in Garfield, ousting two 24-year incumbents with comfortable margins.

Mayor Richard Rigoglioso ran in first place, winning 5,334 votes. The others on “The Garfield 2020” slate — Deputy Mayor Joseph Delaney (4,880 votes), Councilwoman Erin Delaney (4,572 votes), Romi Herrera (4,597 votes), and Pawel Maslag (4,497) — also held sizeable leads over the race’s other six candidates.

Councilman Louis Aloia got 4,147 votes, while Councilman Frank Calandriello, Jr. got 3,931. Their running mates, Jesus Rodriguez and Evelyn Scott, got 3,659 and 3,698 votes, respectively.

Gaetana Raymond got 1,771 votes, while Richard Derrig got 1,109. Those two each ran alone.

Herrera will be Garfield’s first Hispanic councilman.

Rigoglioso’s slate was backed by Bergen County Democratic chairman Paul Juliano, Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah and Elmwood Park Councilman Dan Golabek, who managed the Garfield 2020 campaign.

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