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Hammonton Councilman and Republican nominee for Atlantic County Clerk Joe Giralo. (Photo: Joe Giralo)

Republicans ahead in all Atlantic County elections

By Joey Fox, November 03 2021 2:40 am

Four Republican candidates for Atlantic County Commission, along with the party’s nominee for county clerk, currently lead their Democratic opponents by large margins.

In the race for county clerk, Republican Hammonton Councilman Joe Giralo is leading Democratic Egg Harbor City Mayor Lisa Jiampetti by a huge 62-38% margin.

Trailing by a similar amount is Democratic at-large commissioner candidate Celeste Fernendez, who’s losing to incumbent Commissioner Frank Balles.

And the 3rd district, which is hosting a do-over of a highly contentious contest last year that saw the entire election get thrown out, currently finds Republican Andrew Parker beating Democrat Thelma Witherspoon 64-36%.

Republicans also lead in two other County Commission races in strongly Republican districts where the outcome was probably never in doubt.

While the lack of clarity about what votes are still outstanding makes it difficult to concretely project the outcome, Atlantic County Republicans are undoubtedly having a good night. Their three candidates for the 2nd legislative district, which covers most of Atlantic County, are the projected winners, holding a Senate seat and flipping two Assembly seats.

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