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Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

Report: Prosecutors seize laptops in search of Hamilton municipal building

More bad news for Mayor Kelly Yaede

By David Wildstein, September 11 2019 5:38 pm

Armed with a search warrant, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office today confiscated three laptop computers from the Hamilton Township Municipal Building, according to a report first published by the Trentonian.

The prosecutor’s office confirmed the search warrant to the Trentonian.

It is not immediately clear whether the search warrants are related to charges filed last week against Mayor Kelly Yaede for disclosing the expunged criminal record of rival David Henderson during the 2019 GOP mayoral primary.

None of issues are good signs for the embattled mayor of New Jersey’s 9th largest municipality, who faces a tough re-election campaign this fall against Democratic Council President Jeff Martin.

The news comes after the legal deadline for Yaede to drop her bid for re-election and give Republicans a chance to name a replacement candidate, although judges have offered considerable extensions on that deadline over the past seventeen years.

Yaede did not pick up her cell phone and her voice mail was full.

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