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Provisionals may swing races in Cranford, Kenilworth

140 provisionals in Cranford, 22 in Kenilworth

By Nikita Biryukov, November 07 2019 2:52 pm

Provisional ballots may swing council races in Cranford and Kenilworth.

In Cranford, Democrat Kathleen Miller Prunty leads Republican Commiteewoman Mary O’Connor by 32 votes, 3,527-3,495.

Democrat Brian Andrews trails O’Connor by 103 votes.

The New Jersey Globe has learned that 140 provisional ballots, enough to swing the race, were cast in Cranford.

The Union County clerk will continue to accept mail-in ballots post marked by election day through tonight, though those ballots won’t be open and counted until tomorrow.

In the race for Kenilworth mayor, Demcorat Linda Karlovitch leads Republican Salvatore Candarella by 10 votes, 816-810.

The 22 provisional ballots cast there are enough to swing the race.

It could also swing the town’s council races.

Democrats Kay Ceceri and Mark David each have 795 votes. Republicans Scott Pentz has 785, while Sean Pentz has 774.

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