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Art created by Suliman Onque for Project Ready to increase voter turnout in the 2021 Newark school board election.

Project Ready says 10,000 committed to vote in Newark school board elections

By David Wildstein, April 19 2021 11:06 am

Project Ready, a non-profit social justice advocacy group, said they have over 10,000 commitments from voters who say they will cast their ballots in tomorrow’s Newark school board election.

About 7,600 votes were cast in the 2020 Newark school board election, which was held entirely through vote-by-mail ballots. That’s about 13% of the total number of registered voters.

The group has spent the last few months mounting a grassroots informational campaign to increase voter turnout in the state’s largest city.  Project ready used phone banks, test messages and direct mail to remind Newarkers to vote

“During this past year of the pandemic, more and more Newarkers are realizing the importance of voting – and not just in presidential elections,” said Nayibe Capellan, Project Ready’s chief of staff. “We’ve focused our efforts on engaging voters across Newark’s neighborhoods, with a particular focus on mothers of school age-children – because we know that where moms go, communities follow.”

According to Project Ready, 71% of the 10,232 voters committing to vote on Tuesday are women, and 54% are ages 25 to 54.

Incumbents Dawn Haynes, Asia Norton and Vereliz Santana face challenges from Nadirah Brown, Yolanda Johnson and Philip Wilson. Daniel Gonzalez faces off against Sheila Montague for an unexpired term.

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