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Cherry Hill progressive Demcoratic mayoral candidate Susan Druckenrod.

Progressive Dems fielding candidates in Cherry Hill

By Nikita Biryukov, April 02 2019 4:13 pm

Activist Democrats are backing candidates for Cherry Hill mayor, council and 35 of the town’s county committee seats.

Susan Druckenbrod will run for mayor under the slogan “Democrats of Camden County.” Druckenbrod, an English second language teacher, unsuccessfully ran for Cherry Hill fire commissioner last year.

For council, the activists will run Scott Soffen and first-time candidates JiYoung Min and Nathaniel DiMarino.

Soffen unsuccessfully ran for council in 2017.

The slate is part of a push by activist Democrats to reduce the influence of Camden County’s Democratic machine. In that sense, it’s an attempt to have voters rebuke the political influence of power broker George Norcross.

Activist Democrats are also fielding Assembly candidates in the fifth and sixth legislative districts.

In the fifth, they’re backing Theodore Johnson. In the Sixth, progressive Democrats Julian Jordan and Dani Moss-Velasco are making Assembly bids.

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5 thoughts on “Progressive Dems fielding candidates in Cherry Hill

  1. What it is, is a “push” to give a large percentage of Cherry Hill voters who have not had a voice in policy their turn.

  2. What makes them progressive? The Cherry Hill Democratic party is racially and ethnically diverse and has represented us well. Is there an agenda other than “We don’t like the power structure”? I’m no fan of George Norcross, but his brother has provided a progressive voice in Washington. Good luck to the “progressives,” but I’ll look forward to hearing about policy and not just name-calling.

    1. To my knowledge, Donald Norcross has not supported neither medicare for all, nor single payer. He has not endorsed the Green new deal. He has (at least until Jeff Van Drew was elected) voted with Republicans more than any other Republican Senator in NJ. He has been a huge proponent of charter schools–which leads to educational disparity and unfairness. Yes, Don Norcross is a Democrat. He votes with the party, generally– but not to the degree that the political leanings of the district would dictate.

      And the above statement seems to excuse the the fact that all advancement in the party in South Jersey is at the whim of an unelected boss. This party boss is a friend of Donald Trump (also a member of Mar-A-Lago), continually praises Chris Christie for “Saving Camden”, and sabotaged the gubernatorial campaign of Barbara Buono in 2013. This is a Democrat?

      Is pay for play OK? Is it OK for the “official party” to run slates of fake opposition and engage in ballot tricks so the true opposition is not even visible on the ballot?

      The fact is not that people don’t like the power structure. The fact is that the power structure uses unethical means to maintain its power. We can do better.

  3. Progressives are not going achieve anything unless they stop with the name calling. I’m progressive and I’m sick of them using the phrase “dem machine”. So sick of it that the moment I see it or hear it being used I won’t listen anymore. It’s getting old and repetitive. Lay out policies and talk about how you will create change. Names get you nowhere, it just makes you look immature.

  4. I’m new to Camden County and I really want to vote in the upcoming primary election. I’ve searched all over the Internet to get information on the various candidates’ positions on the issues, but I can’t find a single thing. How can I vote for someone if I don’t know what they stand for?

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