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Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop

No Fulop contribution, Buttigieg reports show

Jersey City mayor said in March he donated to Mayor Pete

By David Wildstein, July 23 2019 9:46 am

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop announced in March that he was contributing to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, but there’s no indication that he ever followed through.

“I’m waiting to see what the entire dem field looks like before engaging but today I made a donation to @PeteButtigieg for President bc the DEM rules say # of donors is one way to qualify to get on the primary debate stage. As a mayor, veteran + young person – his voice=important,” Fulop said in a March 13 tweet.

Buttigieg has field two reports with the Federal Election Commission since the Fulop tweet and neither includes the mayor of New Jersey’s second largest city as a donor.    The campaign has released contributions as small as $1.

Fulop is part of a small group of top New Jersey elected officials and party leaders who have not endorsed favorite son Cory Booker for president.

Last month, Fulop criticized Joe Biden for being old and out of touch.

“I kind of think Biden is kind of a little it up there in age,” Fulop said.  “I do think you need a generational change.”

He called Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren unelectable.

“I don’t think they’re electable, I think Trump’s gonna be tough to beat,” said Fulop.  “Are they going to vote for somebody who’s saying that ‘I’m a socialist?’”

Fulop did not respond to a 1:16 PM direct message on Monday seeking comment.

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