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Newton Mayor Wayne Levante

Newton mayor loses after Facebook post

Said David Hogg was a ‘crisis actor’ following Parkland shooting

By David Wildstein, May 09 2018 4:43 am

Newton Mayor Wayne Levante, who was censured by his colleagues in March after a Facebook post alleged a “crisis actor” conspiracy after the Parkland, Florida school shooting, was defeated for re-election on Tuesday.

Incumbent Sandra Lee Diglio edged out Levante by 29 votes – 425 to 396.  Another incumbent, Kevin Elvidge, ran six votes behind Levante.

Two newcomers, Jason Schlaffer (495) and Matthew Dickson (490) easily won two council seats.  Trailing the field were Alex Majewski (363), Ludmilla Mecaj (258).

Levante called Parkland survivor David Hogg a “crisis actor.”

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