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Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Robinson slams Mastrangelo over call to not certify Nov. 3 election results

By Nikita Biryukov, August 24 2020 2:51 pm

Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson slammed Tom Mastrangelo Monday over the Republican freeholder’s promise to ask Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi to refuse to certify Nov. 3 election results if a GOP lawsuit doesn’t stop New Jersey’s mostly-vote-by-mail election.

“The July 7th primary election could be described in two words — safe and successful,” Robinson said. “Despite an unprecedented set of challenges in the midst of a global pandemic, voters were not only able to make their voices heard, but did so in one of the largest turnouts in state history.”

Last week, Mastrangelo said he was exploring an outdoor early voting program, a proposal backed by the county’s all-Republican freeholder board.

“It is this very success under difficult circumstances that make Freeholder Mastrangelo’s threats against election certification so disturbing,” he said. “Voters in Morris County should be alarmed that an incumbent Freeholder, a member of the board that approves the funding for the County Clerk’s office, would ask the Clerk to refuse to certify this election.”

The Nov. 3 races will be conducted mostly using mail-in ballots. Each active registered voter in the state will receive one they can send to election officials free of charge.

Voters who don’t wish to mail their ballots can deposit them in a secure ballot drop box, deliver it to Grossi’s office by 3 p.m. Nov. 2 or hand it off at a polling place on election day.

Those who wish to vote in person can do so provisionally at a reduced number of polling places.

A single Morris County freeholder, Tayfun Selen, is up for election this year.

He’ll face Democratic challenger Cary Amaro in November.

“We hope that Clerk Grossi will do her constitutional duty and certify the election as she has done with the July primary election, which was conducted in a very similar manner to the manner in which the fall election will be conducted,” Robinson said.

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