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Final Morris County Election Results

By Nikita Biryukov, November 24 2020 10:42 am


Democrats held onto two Ward seats on Boonton’s Board of Alderman.

In Ward 2, Democratic incumbent Marie DeVenezia scored a 824-513 win against Republican challenger Clyde VanSchmitt.

Democratic Alderman Joseph Fenske’s 500-449 victory over Frank DeLuca is narrower.

Republicans carried the rest of the town’s races, though Democrats put up some competition in some of them. In Ward 1, Republican incumbent Cyril Wekilsky defeated Waqar Khokhar 770-617.

In Ward 4, Alderman James Lynch defeated Democrat Dave Vasa 600-551.

Democrats didn’t run candidates for two at-large Township Committee   seats, nor did they put someone up for an unexpired council term.


Republicans Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton defeated Democratic challengers to hold two GOP township committee seats in Chatham Township.

Ashley Felice ran in first with 3,534 votes. Mark Hamilton was a close second with 3,512 votes.

The Democratic challengers fared worse. Amee Shah received 3,278 votes, while Philip Ankel got 3,240.

The Republican victories mean status quo will persist in Chatham Township, where Democrats hold a 3-2 majority.

Republicans didn’t pick up any extra seats this year. They just held GOP seats represented by Township Committee members Michael Kelly and Karen Swartz, both of whom did not seek re-election.


Republicans carried most races in Lincoln Park unopposed, but a Democrat won the race for its Ward 3 Council seat.

There, Patrick Antonetti leads Councilman Ray Kerwin by 32 votes, 678-646. Kerwin has filed for a recount.

If Antonetti’s win holds, he’ll be the only elected Democrat in Lincoln Park.


Republican incumbents Sal Cortese (2,184) and Art Bruhn (2,173) defeated Democratic challenger Cara Parmigiani.

Parmigiani won 1,960 votes.

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