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More suspicious ballots seized in Paterson

By David Wildstein, May 12 2020 12:54 pm

Allegations of fraudulent vote-by-mail ballots in the Paterson city council election broadened today after an announcement of a third wave of suspect ballots were delivered to the Passaic County Board of Elections today.

The Board of Elections, chaired by Democratic State Chairman John Currie, voted a short time ago to keep the suspicious ballots sealed and uncounted until either instructed to by the attorney general or by a judge.

In some cases, hundreds of ballots were left in a single mailbox, including one in neighboring Haledon.  Those ballots were lumped together, unseparated by any other mail, and none of them included the signatures of bearers.

The third batch of suspicious ballots were collected from two separate mailboxes in Paterson: one was a group of 40 and the other a bundle of 13.

Around 600 ballots are facing challenges, most of them from Paterson’s 3rd Ward, where Councilman William McKoy faces former councilman and mayoral candidate Alex Mendez.

Law enforcement is at the Board of Elections today as part of their investigation, according to Ken Hirmann, the Board of Elections administrator.

There have been reports in Paterson of voters not receiving their ballots, and of letter carriers leaving massive numbers of ballots in a bin at a particular apartment building, rather than sort them directly into a voters personal mail slot.

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