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Montclair mayor mourns BOE member’s resignation

Anonymous accusations targeted Anne Marnin’s child

By Nikita Biryukov, January 10 2020 4:24 pm

Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson mourned over School Board member Anne Marnin’s resignation Friday.

“Residents overwhelmingly consider Anne as the ‘Mother Teresa’ of Montclair. The innovative Montclair Bounce Festival that Anne spearheaded was a smashing success, as it brought residents together to seek a kinder and gentler community,” Jackson said. “Ironically, Anne became the victim of an unkind and anything-but-gentle individual or cabal, leveling allegations involving residency, property taxes, and, most appallingly, her child.”

Jackson received those allegations anonymously in late 2019.

He said they were provided to the town’s law department and Board of Education, which found them to be meritless.

“As public officials, we, unfortunately, have to accept vitriol, rude/crude behavior, baseless allegations, etc. as coming with the territory. This ‘given’ notwithstanding, involving Anne’s daughter in the matter is cruel and gratuitous. Being unhappy with Anne’s performance, educational philosophy, or collegiality on the Board can never justify hurting a child.”

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One thought on “Montclair mayor mourns BOE member’s resignation

  1. Astounding to me that this mayor will mourn this as a resident in this community I’m truly troubled by the environmental impact and change in a township that we chose to make our home, that we chose to purchase our home. That this administration would continue to change the environment the style of living etc. the facts are clear there is no stability within the MP schools. There have been at least 5 superintendents in the last decade. The teacher turnover, the scandals. The out of district placements the bias by the administration the facts that segregation has crept back in. The violence and drug use at the high school. This is not a place that has that feel good small town feeling anymore. The current defection from the BOE is just another in the long line. Overall it’s antiquated that BOE members are appointed anyway. The lack of accountability is shameful.

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