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Montague wins Orange race after expanding lead from 1 to 17

By David Wildstein, May 15 2020 7:12 pm

After leading by just one vote, Weldon Montague has scored a 17-vote victory in his race for an at-large council seat in Orange.

More than 500 new vote-by-mail ballots had come in on Wednesday and Thursday.

Montague defeated former Councilman Edward Marable by a vote of 769 to 752.

The vote likely gives Mayor Dwayne Warren, who was re-elected in a landslide, a veto-proof majority on the council.

Dwight Holmes finished fifth with 695 votes, followed by Antoinette Hall (653) and Coram Rimes (623).

Adrienne K. Wooten (1,330) and Clifford Ross (1,215) won the other two council seats.

On Tuesday, Montague led Marable, 577 to 576.  They were followed by Holmes (546), Rimes (495) and Hall (486).

Warren won a landslide re-election, winning 58% of the vote in a six-candidate field.  The second-place finisher, Donna K. Williams, received 18%.

Councilman Christopher Jackson, who gave up his seat to run for mayor, received just 67 votes (2%).

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