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Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes

Hughes backs Booker

Mercer County Executive endorses in 2020 presidential race

By David Wildstein, February 04 2019 3:13 pm

Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes has endorsed Cory Booker for the Democratic nomination for president.

“As County Executive of Mercer County, New Jersey’s capital county, I can attest that Senator Cory Booker has consistently focused on the issues that matter most to our residents,” said Hughes.  “I have had the privilege of standing alongside Cory Booker as he fought to beef up funding for public safety in the City of Trenton, as he pushed for infrastructure upgrades to our regional rail system, and as he initiated sweeping changes to our public schools in order to do what is best for our children.”

Hughes said Booker, a two-term U.S. Senator from New Jersey, “is exactly the kind of forward-thinking leader this great country of ours needs.”

“I am so proud to support Cory Booker for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America,” Hughes said.

Hughes, the son of former Gov. Richard J. Hughes, was elected county executive in 2003.  He is seeking re-election to his fifth term this year.

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