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Late VBMs keep Bass River race close

By David Wildstein, May 15 2020 12:07 pm

Bass River Commissioner Nicholas Capriglione has won re-election by eight votes after late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots were counted.

Capriglione defeated challenger Karl Swanseen by a vote of 184 to 176.

After the polls closed on Tuesday, Capriglione held a two-vote lead over Swanseen, 169 to 167.

An additional 24 ballots that arrived at the Burlington County Board of Elections on Wednesday and Thursday were counted.  It’s not immediately clear how many were rejected, if any.

The all-VBM non-partisan municipal election had a voter turnout of 37.8%.

Two incumbent commissioners were easily re-elected.

Deborah Buzy-Cope finished first with 306 votes, and Louis Bourguignon had 236.  Buzy-Cope gained 16 votes since Tuesday, while Bourguignon increased his total by 8.

Three other candidates, Kevin Foder, Brenda Percy and Carol Bitzberger received fewer than 100 votes.

Buzy-Cope, Bourguignon and Capriglione had been unopposed in 2016.  Buzy-Cope was the top vote-getter with 51 votes.

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