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Bendetta Lambert

Lambertville candidate falsely claimed credentials on campaign mailer

Democratic primary is sequel to ’18 race when 28-year incumbent was toppled

By David Wildstein, June 08 2020 4:05 pm

A candidate for Lambertville city council is under fire for fabricating her credentials after the head of a prominent local social services organziation said that Bendetta Lambert never served on their board – a claim the candidate made in a campaign mailer.

A Lambert mailer touts “a strong community presence, serving as a member of Fisherman’s Mark Board of Directors.”

Jennifer Williford, the executive director of Fisherman’s Mark, said there is no record of Lambert serving on the board in the last ten years.

“We are alarmed that a candidate would misrepresent themselves by attaching their community service with the good work we do in our community for any kind of political gain,” Williford said.

In an email obtained by the Globe, Williford said he had received complaints that Lambert “misrepresented herself in her campaign materials.”

Lambert said she regrets the confusion.

“The flyer had an error in it and the error was missed.  I should have said former,” Lambert told the New Jersey Globe.  “I served in the early 1990s.”

Lambert and former councilman Steven Stegman are challenging incumbents Beth Asaro and Madeline Urbish in the July 7 Democratic primary.

The local battle is a sequel to a 2018 primary fight where Julia Fahl, then 27, toppled 28-year incumbent David DelVecchio by ten points in the Democratic mayoral race.

Fahl is allied with Asaro, the council president, and Urbish, a former Murphy administration official appointed to fill a vacancy late last year.

DelVecchio is backing Lambert and Stegman, who are running off-the-line.

According to Lambert, there are no records of her service on the Fisherman’s Mark board.

“I didn’t keep any records or documents.  I don’t have any physical proof that I was in that role,” she said.  “It’s just my word.”

Williford said her records go back ten years.

A fifth candidate, David Ringer, is also seeking the nomination.

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