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Nutley Mayor Joseph Scarpelli

Incumbents win in Nutley

Race for open seat too close to call

By Nikita Biryukov, May 12 2020 9:03 pm

Four incumbents have won re-election in Nutley.

Mayor Joseph Scarpelli ran first in the 12-candidate field, winning 4,141 votes. Commissioner Mauro Tucci was close behind with 4,122, and Commissioner Alphonse Petracco rounded out the top three with 4,093 votes.

Commissioner Thomas Evans received fewer votes, 3,034, but still had a relatively easy time winning re-election.

Commissioner Steve Rogers did not seek re-election.

John Kelly III, whose legendary grandfather served as mayor and as an assemblyman, received 2,596 votes, running a little more than 100 votes ahead of Maria Hamlin’s 2,491 votes.

Additional mail-in ballots are expected to come in over the next two days, and they could swing the race for Rogers’ seat.

They also may decide the town’s next mayor. Traditionally, whoever wins the most votes becomes Mayor of Nutley. Scarpelli currently leads Tucci by just 21 votes, meaning late-arriving mail-in ballots could hand him the city’s top post.

while Daniel Carnicella won 1,952. Sam Fleitell had 1,538 ballots cast in his name, while Christopher Cullari got 1,257 votes.

Lorenzo Marchese’s 1,014 votes make him the only other candidate to breach the 1,000-vote mark.

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