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Lisa McCormick. (Photo: Facebook.)

Judge tells shadowy perennial candidate, controversial life partner to cut it out until they appear before him

McCormick, Devine restrained from confusing voters until at least Monday court hearing

By David Wildstein, October 22 2021 5:18 pm

A judge today ordered shadowy perennial candidate Lisa McCormick and her shadowy life partner, James Devine to stop confusing voters until they can appear in court on Monday afternoon to say why they are allegedly representing themselves as the state Democratic Party.

Superior Court Judge Alan G. Lesnewich has restrained McCormick and Devine – and others, if more people are involved – “from creating and publishing or transmitting any additional political flyers, communications or advertisements which include or imply endorsement or authorization” by the New Jersey Demcoratic State Committee, or that are “confusing the general public, including voters of the State of New Jersey, as to the origin of such political communication.”

Lesnewich also ordered the two to stop using the names of any candidates without their permission, from publishing content on the NJDEMS.com website that claims an affiliated with the state party, or redirecting NJDEMS.com to any other website.

But perhaps most frightening to McCormick and Devine is an order that allows the state party attorney, Raj Parikh, to begin conducting depositions and serve document requests that might allow him to determine sources of funding and a plethora of other discovery items.

Some voters in Roselle received one of two different mailers endorsing Gov. Phil Murphy, Lieutenant Gov. Sheila Oliver, and three school board members: Gisselle Bond, Yessica Chavez, and France Cortez. Under state law, school board candidates and members cannot be officially associated with a political party.

Both mailers claimed to be paid for by the New Jersey Democratic Party – “NJDEMS.COM” – but the lawsuit alleges that such a claim is fraudulent. NJDems.com, while legitimate-sounding, is not the official website for the NJDSC; their address is instead NJDems.org.

“Good to see the legal system get one right,” said State Sen. Joseph Cryan (D-Union).  “Anyone who deals with these two shouldn’t be in elective office anyway.”

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