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New Jersey Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz. New Jersey Globe Photo.

Judge rules against Minenna in Rockaway

By David Wildstein, October 01 2018 2:27 pm

Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz today invalidated a vote of the Rockaway Township Council, clearing the way for Adam Salberg to replace Paul Minenna as the interim mayor.

Minkowitz also ruled that the council could not seat John Inglesino, a former mayor, as the township attorney.

The ruling was first reported by the Daily Record.

Salberg’s term will be short.  Councilman Michael Puzio is running unopposed in a November special election to fill the unexpired term of Michael Dachisen, who died in August.  Local Democrats declined to nominate a candidate for mayor against Puzio, who has endorsed Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress against Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber.

“It is unfortunate an activist judge decided today to place a questionable individual in the seat of Mayor, in contrast with the election process as laid out by law. We are evaluating all the options legally available,” said Council President Jeremy Jedynak.  “Adam Salberg has been banned from the financial industry due to unpaid fines related to forgery, and we are concerned about his character in running a Township. The Taxpayer Council Majority will continue to govern and represent taxpayers this year, despite a loud minority of leftist rioters looking to obstruct town business.”

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11 thoughts on “Judge rules against Minenna in Rockaway

  1. Anyone who opposes Jeremy and his faction are given a label. Socialist Democrat, deplorable, and now an activist judge. Jeremy will be off council by 2020, either by a recall or a primary election. His style of governing is chaotic and unbecoming of a public servant. A group much bigger than a small minority will be celebrating that day.

  2. Jedynak didn’t get his way that’s why the judge is an activist. He also needs to provide a source of his accusation that Adam Salberg was involved in financial forgery. My question to Jedynak: What do you call what you’re doing to the township residents? i call it lying & cheating. Jedynak should be banned from any sort of public office after this.

  3. What you are all missing here is simple: An under 30 year old, NON LAWYER BEAT a team of EIGHT lawyers, including one from the Jeffrey Chiesa’s office. Nothing radical about it. John Schmidt deserves a ton of credit for applying the law. Where you agree or disagree, like or dislike, the fact of the matter is the ruling is a victory for the public as it ensures public bodies MUST FOLLOW THE RULE OF LAW, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL POWER, PARTY, INFLUENCE, etc. OPRA & OPMA FUNDAMENTALLY PROTECT THE PUBLIC FROM A ROUGE GOVERNING BODY.

    We should all be celebrating this ruling.

  4. Jeremy Jedynak has once again illustrated his inability to understand his role as councilman. He is not a dictator and he must stop with his hysterical overreactions to the legitimate concerns of taxpaying residents. It was crystal clear that the community did not want John Inglesino as our attorney and that was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” The surreptitious dealings and total disregard for the residents led him to a recall and a legal action. Jeremy, everyone who does not share your opinion is not a “radical leftist” a Judge who disagrees with your position is not a “activist Judge”. Stuart Minkowitz is truly a jurist who does credit to the bench. You erred in an effort to force Inglesino’s appointment even more so than Minnenna’s interim appointment. Jeremy, go back to bean counting. You do not have the communications skills, view toward the future or temperament for a local council. You can’t serve the people when you clearly dislike them so much.

    1. Can you should me a poll where Inglesino is unpopular in Rockaway? Cause the only polling on him I know is when the residents elected him Councilman, Mayor, and Freeholder.

      1. You’re funny, Inglesino Rules. You asked to see a pill, knowing that no pollster would waste his or her time on something as insignificant as Inglesino’s popularity in Rockaway. You don’t need a poll. Just look at the hundreds of people who came out to an illegal 10:30pm council meeting to show their opposition to Jedynak’s now illegal appointment of Inglesino as attorney. The opposition is even louder online. Look back at the Daily Record’s endorsement of Soriano in Parsippany, which used opposition to Inglesino as the main justification. Voters obviously agreed. Prior to the Parsippany election, he made headlines by defending a young adult girl suing her parents to force them to pay for college. That whole situation didn’t help his imagine or reputation. You cited his election to office in Rockaway and Freeholder as signs that he’s popular. He’s been out of those positions for a long time, and just getting elected doesn’t mean you were popular. Sometimes it means you were the only choice, or had the glossiest mail pieces. Look at how Inglesino lost his re-election as Freeholder to a political nobody. One has to wonder why Jedynak would appoint someone so controversial, but Inglesino may have been the only municipal attorney willing to work with Jeremy.

        1. Were most voters at that council meeting? No. The people who went have a right to be heard, but they are a small fraction of the public. John Inglesino is a qualified attorney who knows Rockaway Twp. Glad Jedynak puts people before politics.

  5. I don’t know this Jedynak guy personally, but have heard good things from people who live in the Township and I have read up on the situation. The bottom line is, there are some far-left individuals who can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is our President and there are some far-left individuals in Rockaway Township who can’t get over that people rejected the failed spend & tax policies of the past when they elected Jedynak and his colleagues. I wish my Mayor and Council would cut the budget by $1 million, cut taxes, and investigate potential wrongdoing like Jedynak and his allies have. I support President Trump and I support Jedynak and have told my friends in Rockaway to always vote for him and his allies.

    1. The only comparison between Trump and Jedynak is that they are controversial, but other than that they are not alike. Jedynak shows a disdain for people, whereas Trump holds rallies all the time (I get alerts on Facebook when he’s live) and people risk their lives wearing MAGA hats going to them. Why isn’t Jedynak holding rallies so how supporters can show their support for the media and Facebook crowd to see? I see your point about wishing your elected officials trimmed your budget and lowered taxes, but sometimes the means doesn’t justify the end result. I’ve seen how he conducts himself at his meetings and he’s no Trump. Jedynak gavels people when their time is up, and then ignores everything they said. And then he throws them and others out who speak up against the obvious mistreatment of the public. It’s an American right to speak to your elected officials, and with that an expectation that you will get a response. Trump doesn’t gavel or ignore people. He welcomes a good fight, but he also has supporters who speak up for him. Who’s speaking up for Jedynak?

  6. Jedynak doesn’t need to hold rallies, the voters gave him and his allies a mandate to govern. All of Jedynak’s hard work seems to be paying off. Taxes are down. Spending is down. Is it worth it? I say absolutely. Most residents do not go to Council meetings or pay attention to what is going on on a daily basis. They want to work, pay bills, and retire with dignity. That is who Jedynak and his allies are working for, and promises made are promises kept. They are true to their word and care about everyone in Rockaway.

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