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Bayonne Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski. (Photo: Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski.)

Jersey Journal backs Ashe-Nadrowski for Bayonne mayor

Hudson County paper says Davis has ‘failed to seize the moment’

By Joey Fox, May 05 2022 3:19 pm

Snubbing two-term incumbent Mayor Jimmy Davis, the Jersey Journal this morning endorsed City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski for mayor of Bayonne, saying that “it’s time for a new leader in Bayonne City Hall.”

“Mayor Davis has had eight years to demonstrate he can take Bayonne in an exciting direction, and he has failed to seize the moment,” the editorial says. “Ashe-Nadrowski is best poised to hit the ground running – a theme of her campaign.”

The paper also issued a confusing set of endorsements for five city council seats, each of which is contested by both Davis and Ashe-Nadrowski slate members. 

Two Ashe-Nadrowski running mates, Julie Sanchez Lynch in the First Ward and George Vinc in the Second Ward, got the paper’s backing, as did one of Davis’ at-large candidates, Loyad Booker; the paper also recommended voting for one of Ashe-Nadrowski’s two at-large slate members for the other at-large seat, and did not seem to issue an endorsement in the Third Ward.

Davis has the support of the Hudson County establishment of both parties; he himself is a Democrat, but Bayonne has a sizable Republican population and the Hudson County Republican Party announced earlier this week they would back the incumbent. Both Davis and Ashe-Nadrowski have also received endorsements from a number of important unions in the city.

The two politicians were once allies, first winning on the same slate in 2014. But Davis reportedly had a falling-out with Ashe-Nadrowski in spring 2021 (something Davis himself denied), and Ashe-Nadrowski launched her mayoral bid late last year.

If Davis is in fact booted from office, it could spell trouble for Assemblyman William Sampson (D-Bayonne). Sampson arrived in the legislature last year after Davis unexpectedly decided he wanted to oust Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D-Bayonne) from the Assembly seat typically reserved for Bayonne; should she be elected, Ashe-Nadrowski could do the same with Samspon, a longshoreman and staunch Davis ally, in 2023.

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