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State Sen. Chris Brown (R-Ventnor City). (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

In e-mail, Brown slaps Galloway GOP for double-cross

Democrats seized control of Atlantic town after Republican councilman voted with them

By David Wildstein, February 03 2020 10:11 am

A last-minute maneuver that allowed Democrats to take control of Galloway Township last month despite the 4-3 Republican majority came after some GOP councilmen double-crossed Republican councilman Robert Maldonado, according to an e-mail from State Sen. Christopher Brown (R-Ventnor) that was obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

The original deal was supposed to be Republicans Tony Coppola as mayor and Maldonado as deputy mayor, with certain key Republican appointees – including the municipal solicitor and engineering firm – winning reappointment.

Instead, mayor Jim Gorman and deputy mayor Mary Crawford, are both Democrats.  So are the top local appointees.

Brown said he met with former mayor Don Purdy, who “expressed everyone supported Robert for deputy mayor.”

“I later received another phone call and an e-mail from Ton, again expressing his desire to be mayor and that everyone supported Robert to be the deputy mayor.”

Brown said that he later met Maldonado for breakfast and told him about commitments from Coppola and Purdy.

The freshman senator, whose Atlantic County-based district does not include Galloway, said in his e-mail that he became “very passionate” after learning that the GOP council had decided not to honor its commitment to Maldonado.

“When I was a young lieutenant, I learned that a person’s reputation is all he has and that it precedes him wherever he goes,” Brown said in an e-mail to local Republicans .  “I have made an effort to build a reputation of honesty, integrity and fairness, all of which were violated when I learned you would not keep your word to select Robert as deputy mayor. I understand everyone treats their reputation differently.”

The Press of Atlantic City first reported the story earlier this morning.

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