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Hunterdon County Democratic Chair Arlene Quiñones Perez

Quinoñes Perez’s presidential pick down to two candidates

Hunterdon Dem chairwoman says many committee members still undecided

By Nikita Biryukov, February 05 2020 5:36 pm

Hunterdon County Democratic Chairwoman Arlene Quinoñes Perez has a presidential short list, but she doesn’t intend to share its contents ahead of county Democrats’ convention on Sunday.

“I have two candidates who are my preference and I’m going to be probably making some calls on my own to their different campaigns to make my own personal decision,” She said. “But I’m really down to two candidates.”

Hunterdon Democrats will award the party line for president this Sunday.

They’re the first New Jersey Democratic organization to make the decision, which Quinoñes Perez said she doesn’t intend to influence.

“One of the reasons that we are holding the convention in this way and that we as officers, me particularly as the county chair, are not stating who we’re supporting, is because I want to make sure people understand that regardless of what happens in our convention, regardless of what happens in the entire state, at the end of the day in June, whoever wins that primary, that will be our candidate. That’s it,” she said.

Based on what she’s heard, most of the committee’s members haven’t made up their minds.

A number of Hunterdon County Democrats have told the New Jersey Globe they are undecided over the last two days.

“I think that everyone is still very open in terms of who their candidate is, which is honestly a good thing for the campaigns, because that means there is a significant opportunity for them to tap into voters and get them to understand their position and hoepfully get them to support them,” Quinoñes Perez said. “So, for me, it’s a wide open race.”

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