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Former South Orange Village President Alex Torpey.

Former Lambertville business administrator sues over firing

By Nikita Biryukov, November 30 2020 9:19 am

Former Lambertville business administrator Alex Torpey sued the Hunterdon County city, claiming his termination violated state law.

Torpey’s suit, filed in September, claims Mayor Julia Fahl fired him in retaliation after he suggested David Burd, the town’s emergency management coordinator, was not legally eligible to hold his position. Fahl, the suit alleges, allowed Burd to keep his job because he was a valued political supporter.

The mayor denied each of Torpey’s allegations in a mid-October filing. On Saturday, she took to Facebook to undercut the former business administrator’s claims of retaliation and of a hostile work environment.

“In my opinion, this lawsuit is no more than a case of a disgruntled former employee who seized an opportunity to line his pockets with taxpayer money,” she said on the city’s Facebook page. “The Judge sees it the same way: Many of Mr. Torpey’s baseless claims have already been thrown out in court.”

Judge Michael O’Neill in early October denied an order to show cause filed by Torpey’s attorneys that sought to reinstate him as Lambertville’s business administrator.

Torpey’s suit makes a bevy of other claims. It charges Fahl created a hostile work environment through the use of sexually graphic language. It said Fahl characterized losing an argument as “getting fucked in the ass” and she allegedly accused Torpey, a former South Orange village president, of engaging in a “dick measuring contest” with Burd, the emergency management coordinator, and others.

Fahl denies that as well.

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