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Vainieri defends Hudson ICE contract

By Nikita Biryukov, August 08 2018 3:47 pm

Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Vainieri sought to defend the county from flak over its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that sees the county paid for immigrant detainees awaiting trial or deportation.

“I spoke to at least three dozen detainees and asked them if they would like to be transferred to another facility. Every single one said no,” Vainieri said. “Would they like to be free and with their families while their cases work their way through the immigration legal system? Of course they would, but everyone knows that isn’t going to happen as long as Donald Trump is the President.”

Vainieri’s comments followed a tour of a county corrections facility in Kearny attended by freeholders, some members of the media and other officials.

Hudson, along with Essex and Bergen Counties, have recently faced fire over their contracts with ICE. The counties are all controlled by Democrats, and the agencies policies are unpopular among a majority of voters there.

Vainieri sought to place the blame for the detentions at President Donald Trump’s feet, even saying that detaining immigrants in facilities like those in Hudson – a policy that nets the county millions of dollars per year – was the moral thing to do.

“It is up to all of us who oppose this President and his harsh, intolerant and discriminatory policies to do all that we can to treat them fairly,” Vainieri said. “Turning our backs on them and sending them to another state would be foolish, damaging and in many cases – simply cruel.”

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