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Harrison candidate wants Attorney General to monitor election

Millan claims history of voter intimidation

By Nikita Biryukov, May 26 2018 12:08 pm

Harrison mayoral candidate Anselmo Millan contacted state law enforcement officials earlier this week over concerns of election interference in the town’s upcoming primary.

The sitting councilman worried that issues he said occurred in the past might repeat themselves on June 5 if the state Attorney General did not provide a contingent of state troopers to oversee the election and enforce election-related court orders in a timely manner.

Many of Harrison’s concerns centered around what he said was sandbagging by the town’s board workers in order to prevent some voters from casting ballots and delay others from doing the same.

Millan, who is challenging Harrison Mayor James Fife, who won his first full term in 2014, also requested that the state assign poll workers and judges who are not part of the Regular Harrison Democratic Party to prevent loyalists from affecting the process.

“The joke told by the late Gov. Brendan Byrne that he wanted to be buried in Hudson County so he could continue to vote is funny because there is some truth the reputation of Hudson County and the integrity of its voting process,” Millan wrote. “The residents of Harrison deserve the right to exercise their right to vote without it being impeded or diverted from them.”

Millan letter to AG
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