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Washington Township Mayor Joann Gattinelli.

Gattinelli’s lead holds, but Washington’s GOP council candidates pull ahead

By Nikita Biryukov, November 10 2020 1:14 pm

Longtime Washington Mayor Joann Gattinelli continues to hold a commanding lead over Republican challenger Vincent Spinelli, but Republican council candidates there have taken the lead.

Gattinelli leads Spinelli by 2,427, 51%-43%. Independent Giancarlo D’Orazio got about 6% of the vote.

The incumbent’s lead is largely unchanged from election day. Then, she had a slightly wider lead of 2,656 votes.

Republican Council candidates Anthony Dellapia and Richard Bennet have expanded their leads against Democrats Joseph Perry and Raymond Dinovi.

Dellapia not leads Perry, the third-place finisher, by 891 votes, while Bennett leads the Democrat by 644 votes.

Dinovi is running 137 votes behind Perry.

If Republicans win the council seats, and it appears they will, democrats will still hold a 3-2 majority in Washington.

Council President Joseph Sperry and Councilwoman Dana Pasqualone did not seek re-election.

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