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Greenwich Mayor Vince Giovannitti. (Photo: Facebook)

Giovannitti’s lead holds in Greenwich

Democrats on track to will full control there

By Nikita Biryukov, November 10 2020 1:05 pm

Greenwich Council President Vincent Giovannitti has maintained his lead over Republican Carmen Zampaglione in his bid to replace Mayor George Shivery.

The Democrat leads Zampaglione by 393 votes, 56%-44%. On election night, he led by 401 votes.

After the council appoints someone to fill Giovannitti’s council seat, Democrats here will have a 5-0 majority on Greenwich’s council.

Shivery, who was the only Republican officeholder in the Gloucester County town of about 4,900, ran for freeholder instead of seeking re-election.

The win means Republicans won’t have a chance at a majority here until at least 2022, and they’d need to win at least one of the council seats up next year to even have that.

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