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Jersey Chief Municipal Court Judge Ramy Eid. (Photo: Jersey City.)

Fulop picks new chief municipal judge

Ramy Eid elevated following Abad confirmation to Superior Court

By David Wildstein, March 30 2021 9:45 am

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has named Ramy Eid as the new Chief Municipal Court Judge.  He’ll replace Carlos Abad, whose nomination to the New Jersey Superior Court was confirmed last week.

“We are extremely proud of Judge Abad for his well-deserved nomination, and we are thankful for his work in Jersey City,” Fulop said.  “I have no doubt that Judge Eid’s tenacity and leadership skills will continue to lead our court system with policies outlined around fairness and equality.”

Fulop also has two municipal court judgeships to fill, after the Senate also confirmed Margaret Marley to the Superior Court.

Eid served as Newark’s assistant corporation counsel and deputy state attorney general before Fulop appointed him to the judgeship in 2014.

“Mayor Fulop chose wisely here with a selection that exudes goodwill towards our Egyptian community and benefits the entire City,” said Deacon Emad Attaalla of the Saint George Egyptian Coptic Church.  “Judge Eid is very organized and very fair.  He will add a lot to our Municipal Court as Chief Judge, and he will be a great leader not only for those working under him but also for all of Jersey City. We as Egyptian-Americans are a large community within Jersey City, and this is a success story for all immigrants.”

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