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Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Courthouse in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo: Ron Coleman.)

Statements on the nominations of Julien Neals and Zahid Quaraishi to U.S. District Court

By David Wildstein, March 30 2021 11:16 am


“Julien Neals and Zahid Quraishi are smart, experienced, and thoughtful attorneys who will both bring an exceptional commitment to fairness and impartiality to the federal bench.  Mr. Neals has had a long and distinguished legal career and possesses an unwavering commitment to justice. Judge Quraishi, who would make history if confirmed as the first Muslim American federal judge, has defended and served  our country with distinction in numerous roles. Their skills, experience, and unique perspectives are needed on the federal bench now more than ever. I look forward to their hearing before the Judiciary Committee and their confirmations by the full Senate.”


“President Biden has nominated two outstanding and highly qualified individuals to serve on the U.S. District Court of New Jersey in Julien Neals and Magistrate Judge Zahid Quraishi.  They not only represent the best of New Jersey and our state’s values, but they reflect the state’s proud and rich diversity—critical elements for any effective judiciary sworn to uphold equal justice under the law. If confirmed, both nominees will uphold the highest ideals of our justice system.  I applaud President Biden for making a bold statement with these nominations and I would encourage their swift confirmation.”


“President Biden’s nominations of Magistrate Judge Zahid Quraishi and Julien Neals to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey are not just welcome but historic. Over the last several years, the alarming number of vacancies on our district court has resulted in excessive caseloads and delays in administering justice. While vacancies will remain, knowing that two highly qualified nominees are on the way is both a welcome relief and a signal that President Biden and his team recognize that our bench must be filled. 
“Moreover, with these nominations, President Biden is proving his commitment to ensuring that our bench is more diverse and reflective of our people. This work is shown, especially, with the elevation of Magistrate Judge Quraishi, who would be not just the first Asian-American to sit on the bench for the District of New Jersey, but also the first Muslim-American federal judge in our nation’s history. 
“I congratulate both Magistrate Judge Quraishi and Mr. Neals on their nominations, and I congratulate President Biden on these historic choices.”

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