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Rahata Chatha. (Photo: Jersey City.)

Fulop names two new judges

By David Wildstein, April 01 2021 9:48 am

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has filled two municipal court vacancies left open following the resignations of two judges confirmed last week to seats on the New Jersey Superior Court.

Fulop has nominated Rahat Chatha and Paul Scalia to replaced Carlo Abad and Margaret Marley.

Scalia, a Jersey City municipal prosecutor for the last 20 years, will become a full-time judge.  Chatha, who practices law in Jersey City, will serve on the bench on a part-time basis.

“The appointment of our two esteemed judges to Superior Court speaks to the fact that we have only the best judges in our courts, and I know these new judges will expand upon those efforts to cultivate a court system the community can trust,” Fulop stated.  “Jersey City has one of the busiest municipal court vicinages in New Jersey, and these three new judges bring with them a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience to help best serve the local community with a diverse and fair judicial system.”

Karen DeSoto, now a part-time judge, will be elevated to a full-time post.

The nominations are subject to city council confirmation.

Fulop elevated Ramy Eid to replace Abad as the chief municipal court judge.

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