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Nicholas Babcock. (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Department).

For Middletown Democrats, it’s another vetting nightmare

Local candidate Nicholas Babcock faced criminal charges in Arizona but claimed mistaken identity

By David Wildstein, October 26 2021 9:31 am

A Democratic candidate for Middletown Township Committee initially denied a history of theft and forgery charges, telling party leaders a month ago that he wasn’t the same Nicholas Babcock involved in a series of crimes.

Now, one week before Election Day, Babcock has acknowledged that he did plead guilty to bouncing checks in Arizona 20 years ago and was sentenced to two years of probation.

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The admission comes after weeks of denials and doesn’t include information regarding additional allegations made against him by law enforcement.

A records check shows that Babcock had faced theft charges in Arizona in 2002, 2004, and 2008, as well as a 2019 bankruptcy while living in Middletown and at least one civil judgment.

On Tuesday, Middletown Democrats released a 2018 Arizona court order setting a conviction aside and ordering the restoration of his gun rights.

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Globe had obtained a copy of a mug shot purportedly of Babcock from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, but the candidate, through party leaders, denied that the photo was a mug shot and instead suggested it was from at a football game and might have been taken off social media.

Babcock had been so insistent that he had no criminal that he voluntarily submitted to have his fingerprints scanned by IntentoGO, a private firm that provides fingerprinting services for private background checks. But Middletown Democrats say the results have been delayed.

“Nicholas Babcock has been cooperative while our investigation has been ongoing,” the Democrats said in a statement. “Mr. Babcock has admitted to us that as a recently discharged United States Navy combat veteran, going through a terrible breakup and seeking custody of his son, while at the same time undergoing treatment against brain cancer; he bounced two checks in March of 2001. Over a year later, Mr. Babcock was taken into custody for questioning and subsequently charged with theft. To bolster charges, Nick Babcock was also charged with the possession of a forgery device.”

Babcock’s legal problems were first reported by The Patch.

Democrats nominated Babcock as their candidate for a two-year unexpired term on the Middletown Township Committee in September.

He faces Republican Kimberley Kratz, who was appointed to the township committee in September after Patricia Snell resigned to take a new job out of state.

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