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Monmouth County Democratic Chairman David G. Brown

Monmouth Democrats preparing to cancel convention

Coronavirus triggers plan for online voting

By David Wildstein, March 12 2020 11:32 am

Update: Monmouth Democrats announced the cancellation of their convention today.  “In an effort to follow best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be changing the in-person convention to an alternative option. While we are saddened we will not be holding our annual convention in-person, we have made the executive decision to protect the health and safety of our Monmouth County residents,” a party statement said.

In response to the coronavirus, Monmouth County Democrats will likely cancel their March 28 convention and move to an online voting system to award their organizational lines, the New Jersey Globe has learned.

Party leaders are in the process of determining a plan to hold a virtual meeting and establish a secure system for delegates to cast their ballots via the Internet.

In addition to the presidential race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the most closely watched local contest is for the Democratic nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th district.

Three candidates – retired journalist David Applefield, former United Nations staffer Christine Conforti, and former U.S. Department of State official Stephanie Schmid – are battling for the chance to take on 20-term Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton).

Long Branch Democratic Municipal Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. faces two progressive challengers, Russ Cirincione and Zac Roeill, in his bid for re-election to the 6th district congressional seat he has held since 1988.  Pallone is also the chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

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