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Union County Board of Elections Administrator Nicole DiRado

Elections officials find three more ballots in a bag

Roselle votes counted, don’t change outcome of anything

By David Wildstein, June 10 2019 10:52 am

The Union County Board of Elections just found three more provisional ballots in a bag for the Democratic primary in Roselle that were not counted on Friday.

“We are currently in the midst of emptying and organizing our Polling Place Supply Bags,” said Nicole DiRado, the Board of Elections administrator.  “We found three provisional ballots in the supply bag for Roselle 5-2, two of which should have been counted on Friday; the third voter was not registered.”

DiRado said that “a bi-partisan team from my office opened and counted the ballots.”

According to DiRado, “the chain of custody of the supply bags is intact as they have been locked and secured since they were picked up from the municipal clerks’ offices on election night by my staff.

“The balance of the Roselle supply bags were thoroughly reviewed and no additional ballots were found,” DiRado said.

The newly-found ballots do not change the results for the contested county committee seats in Ward 5, District 2.

One more vote for Mayor Christine Dansereau and one more for Archange Antoine.  That gives Dansereau a 1,095 to 924 lead over Donald Shaw, with Antoine now at 647 in the Roselle Democratic mayoral primary.

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