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East Rutherford Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier

East Rutherford Dems subpoena Segalini in Republicans’ voter fraud suit

Democrats challenging vote cast by GOP mayoral candidate to undermine claims of fraud

By Nikita Biryukov, January 07 2020 10:24 am

East Rutherford Democrats are challenging three votes cast in the town’s mayoral election, including the vote of the GOP mayoral candidate.

Democratic Mayor Jeffrey Lahullier won his race against Sergio Segalini by just five votes in November, defeating the Republican candidate after trailing the Republican in the election day machine count.

Now, Republicans are challenging 25 of the votes cast in the race, claiming those voters do not reside in the borough.

Democrats claim the Republicans’ suit is an attempt to hold power by disenfranchising voters.

The party has secured subpoenas ordering Segalini, Alyssa Banca and Faith Banca — both family members of Republican Councilwoman Nancy Banca — to appear in court.

The matter is set to be heard in court on Jan. 13. Segalini and the two Bancas have been ordered to appear on the same day.

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