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Heather Darling

Darling seek to increase awareness for adoption services as surrogate

By Nikita Biryukov, June 11 2019 1:13 pm

Morris County Democrats are claiming Heather Darling, the Republican nominee for county surrogate, is to push people to sell their children.

That isn’t the case. She wants to increase awareness for adoption-aid services offered by the county.

“Expecting parents that do not believe they can handle a child, or more children, are often confused and emotional and don’t know where to go for information about adoption,” Darling said. “They also may be unaware that they can be reimbursed for medical expenses, their time, lost work and other associated expenses.”

The incident started when a tracker captured comments Darling made in front of a branch at the NAACP.

“Adoption isn’t free. When you bring a child into the world for a family, there’s money that comes with that,” Darling said at the NAACP event. “So now this family can fix the roof, get the mortgage current and keep the three kids that they have. This child gets a life that it would not have had, and this other family gets a child that they desperately wanted.”

Morris County Democrats called her a “baby broker” over those comments.

“Although the Surrogate’s Office has no actual function in the adoption process itself other than facilitating it, I intend to increase the awareness of our services as well as making the process more affordable for all involved,” Darling said. “Unfortunately, not all expecting parents feel they are in the financial or lifestyle position to raise a child, and they deserve to know all their options in order to make the best decision for both themselves and their unborn or young child.”

Darling, who won a close GOP primary against Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris Township), now faces Democrat Michael Thompson in the general election.

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5 thoughts on “Darling seek to increase awareness for adoption services as surrogate

  1. Nikita, if you are going to publish part of the quote, you should publish the whole quote. She certainly spoke about brokering off a baby as if it were a financial transaction implying that life would be better with the family that could “afford” the child. It was disgusting and this person shouldn’t be allowed within miles of the surrogate’s office.

  2. Nikita, if you are going to print the quote, print the entire quote. It certainly sounded ias if she was proposing brokering a child, implying that the child would have a better life with people who could “afford” him. It was absolutely disgusting and I wouldn’t want this person within miles of the surrogate’s office. Absolutely abhorrent. And it’s not just Morris County democrats who are disgusted it’s anyone I know who listened to it.

  3. This is not the way Heather Darling phrased this at all. She was proposing that underprivileged women can put there babies up for adoption as “there is money that comes with it.” As a freeholder and attorney I am surprised that she is not aware that giving a mother money for a child is illegal. This is not the woman we want to be representing us!

  4. This is unusual for NJ Globe, this is an opinion piece that sounds like it came from the Darling Camp. since when does a news organization like this take sides? t should be “Darling refutes claims of advocating for baby selling”.
    I am disappointed.

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