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Cumberland County Commissioner Joseph Derella. (Photo: Facebook).

Cumberland still one of few N.J. counties where either party can win

By David Wildstein, November 01 2021 12:04 am

Cumberland might have a 6-1 Democratic majority on their Board of Commissioners, but it’s still one of just three New Jersey counties that aren’t controlled entirely by one political party.

This isn’t a control election. The best case scenario for Republicans is a two-seat pickup that would bring them to 4-3.

Incumbent Joseph Derella, Jr., a former Millville city commissioner and school board president, is seeking re-election to his fourth term.  He was the top vote-getter three years ago, winning by 4,521 votes. He’s running with Priscilla Ocasio-Jimenez, an educator who wants to become the first Latina to win countywide office in Cumberland County.

Republicans are running two Vineland businessmen, Joseph Sileo and Antonio Romero. Their best chance is to ride the coattails of popular Republican State Sen. Michael Testa, Jr. (R-Vineland); a recent poll had Testa leading by 13 points in his bid for a second term.

The other incumbent, Joseph Quinn, is leaving county government after six years and is seeking a return to his old job as a Millville City Commissioner. Quinn is heading up a five-person slate in a race of ten candidates.

Joe Biden carried Cumberland County by 3,790 votes last year, 52%-46%.  Republican freeholder candidate Victoria Lods came within 2,464 votes of wining.

In 2017, Democrat Phil Murphy carried Cumberland by 13 points and a 3,8100-vote margin against Republican Kim Guadagno.

Joseph Perella is running as an independent as a member of the Working Families Party.

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